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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 19, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight's show, keep it here on fox news channel. tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern arizona will be there. see you in just a moment on greta wire. o'reilly factor is next. if you don't get it. >> demand it. >> yes! captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m. in jakarta. this "the five" i'm the apple-size anchor, greg gutfeld. kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. the show is packed tighter than a camel's hump so let's get to the news, america. first, joe biden says the jobs plan needs to pass to prevent rape. okay, step away from the mike. and they compare tea party -- [ inaudible ] wild animals on the loose in ohio. a shovel-ready job! "the five" starts as soon as i stop talking.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: last night in vegas, rick perry and mitt romney went after it like wal-mart shoppers fighting over discount pile of halter tops. >> rick, you had. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> time for you to tell the truth. >> you got 30 seconds. the way the rules work here i get 60 seconds. you get 30 seconds to respond. >> greg: all of this led to political admission from the mittster. >> we went to the company and said look you can't have the illegals working on the property. i'm running for office. i can't have illegals. once again they hired someone who falsifyed the documents, and therefore we fired them. >> greg: meanwhile, professor gingrich schooled the masses with the giant head. winning over sarah palin who said he won the debate. but did he win american hearts? some say they are part of his diet. while michele bachmann dressed
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like she was auditioning for the love boat musical, herman cain took more shots than lindsay lohan for the 9-9-9 tax plan. where was wayne newton? [ applause ] there he is. he thinks he's at cirque du soleil. but the real loser, john huntsman. it's like he didn't even show up -- the real loser was jon huntsman. it's like he didn't show up. the best part they asked rick santorum about his favorite show. >> "red eye." >> greg: he gets my vote. >> nice! >> greg: so the most entertaining debate we saw so far, right? >> bob: i thought it was. it was revealing. the thing that i came out with, first, i hate to concede the fact it was well moderated as it was, but it was. it also showed me that romney is a little thin-skinned. he was not the inevitable he had been in the other debates. he didn't do as well as he did in other debates. perry came back hard, but he needed to do that. i think herman cain, his 9-9-9
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plan took a real beating. what this means, this is going to -- the inevitability factor about romney i think is now stopped. and there is now four weeks of the debate. so, now you have to go out to start to do the tv ads and personal appearances in that case, perry probably got a better shot now than he had before. >> eric: hallelujah. finally! finally open up to the guy who really should be the g.o.p. nominee. >> bob: i didn't say that. >> eric: the real conservative to win the nomination. he did great. fantastic. rick perry stood up. he wasn't tired. everyone said you got to get more sleep, get more prepared. he was prepared, he took shots and he went at mitt romney for the first time anyone went after mitt romney in any debate. >> greg: let's show that -- show what happened. it was a pretty heated exchange. here we go. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective, because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. and the idea that you stand
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here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> gor romney? >> rick, i don't think i ever hired an illegal in my life. >> greg: how did romney take that? the little laughter -- >> dana: i didn't realize eric bolling talked about the body language experts. i would have loved to see that. >> eric: awkward laugh. >> dana: a little awkward. i thought rick perry made a point that was non-jermaine to the question that was being asked about healthcare. and you could -- i could see it, he had prepared for this point. he was going to make this point. he just decided this is my shot and i'll take it now. when romney pushed back with the fact it felt like perry thought there and thought oh, no, have i been given bad information by my staff? you saw that look? >> greg: kimberly, it seems to get more aggressive and it seems like the republicans are
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doing dirty work for the democrats. >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: is it help the candidates or hurting them? >> kimberly: there is criticism of that, that the g.o.p. is tearing each other down and the democrats will love this. the benefactor of the infighting amongst conservatives. but nevertheless, people criticize mitt romney for saying the guy is being so straight a all the time, didn't get passionate or expressing opinion. he got riled up and was testy when put on attack by rick perry. good for perry. he had to step up. he needed a good performance and he gave one. >> dana: he got himself back in the news. the past week, we talked about the 2012 elections because cain surged so much, it was all talk about cain and romney. then it's like perry fell off the map. he put himself squarely back on it. >> eric: can i point something out? very quickly, the one weak area that perry really has is immigration. he took it, took that ball and ran it to the end zone because he put it back on mitt romney. without having to -- >> bob: i think what a lot of people thought about that,
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not only did romney look like ken doll interrupted trying to show emotion, but beyond that, did you notice what he said? he said, "i wouldn't hire illegals because i'm running for president." >> greg: that was the point. >> bob: to me, that says pages. the other thing, in this business of presidential politics when there is blood in the water the sharks will surround him. people think, whatever else you may think, romney got it handed to him last night. he has four weeks in the debate now. that was his strength. perry weaknesses. now up to the tv ads. they will come at him and come at him hard. >> greg: shift to cain. he had a target on his back over the 9-9-9 plan and was taken to task last night. we have some tape. >> herman, i love you, brother, let me tell you something, you don't have a big analysis to figure this thing out go to new hampshire where they don't have a sales tax and you're figuring to give them one. they are not interested in 9-9-9. >> this is an example of mixing apples and oranges. the state tax is an apple. we are replacing the current
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tax code with oranges. so it's not correct to mix apples and oranges. secondly, it ask not a value value-added tax. >> greg: apples and oranges. the first part of the debate focused on cain and the 9-9-9 plan. art laffer writing an editorial endorsing it, because he had something to do with it. does this kind of shake the confidence people have in cain? >> eric: the problem with the 9-9-9 was so easy to understand, they loved it, they love herman cain and said i need to sign on this. then the "wall street journal" comes out and says 84% of the americans will pay more in tax, because 50% or so don't pay taxes anyway. however, he confused an issue. he was on a flat, fair tax. 23% value-added or consumer tax with no income tax. he was on that originally for years. if he just stayed with that, instead of confusing the issue. >> bob: by the way, art laffer coming out is by itself a laugher. here is what happened to him last night. new hampshire which is so
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critical, how they look at it and how far romney is ahead. new hampshire is a place you cannot talk about sales taxes. believe me, i've been up there too many times. it's like talking about lyme disease. you don't do it. i think what happened to cain was the bubble was burst. i'm willing to wager his numbers will start to go down now. >> kimberly: precipitously, not like we saw perry. >> bob: but they will tick down. substantive guy. >> eric: he also really got tripped up right before the debate on the -- yeah. gitmo and dealing with terrorists. a big fail. >> greg: he said he would consider trading gitmo prisoners for one american soldier in the debate he was asked the question and he back pedaled. this looks like it's becoming a about. >> dana: he talked about electrifying the fence. >> bob: given that opening you wrote and read prior to the show today, you need to be at every one of these debates. that was one of the funnier opening i have heard on the
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show. congratulations. i don't think cain -- >> greg: you didn't see the tape. >> bob: don't say that. i gave you a credit thing, what happens? >> greg: i watched the debate. i was slightly ainebriateed -- einebriateed. watch the debate with three glasses of wine. it makes everything better. >> dana: if i had three glasses of wine, i wouldn't watch the debate. i want to make a complaint about the debate. i was pleased it was going to be, it was co-sponsored by the western business round table there were no questions that had to do with the western united states, except for one that came from the audience about yucca mountain, which romney had an excellent answer for. partly because he ran in 2008. >> bob: you have to understand there are not many of you out there. >> dana: yes, there are. we matter. >> bob: i'm kidding you. one thing about this, the peripheral candidate, if i was michele bachmann i would get out of the race and protect her house district. they are staying in the races
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because of the base. it costs you nothing to go to them and do them. now there are debates and we'll see how far they get along having got retail politicking. with the exception of romney and perry, they don't have the money to go on the air. what do they do? >> kimberly: cain has cap created. >> bob: go back to pepperoni. >> greg: that makes me hungry. pepperoni. we're going to continue the brilliant discussion after the break. and turn to some of the other candidates. michele bachmann, pulls the mom card. you know she is a mother, right? >> bob: 23 times. >> greg: newt turned to principal skiner and scolded everyone for not playing nice. e-mail us at "the five" at send me recipes for banana bread. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: that is a great song. i don't usually comment but a great song. there were other people on the stage last night in the debate and i want to talk about michele bachmann. he did something that was smart. she took a moment to speak directly to women and about their anxiety when it comes to housing. take a listen. >> i just want to say one thing to moms all across america tonight. this is a real issue. it's not to be solved. president obama has failed you on this issue of housing and foreclosures. i will not fail you on this issue. hold on, moms out there. it's not too late. >> dana: one things i noticed, kimberly, as she was speaking and if you look at the audience shots, the women in the audience were nodding and thinking hey, that's the first time someone has really
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been talking to me. did you notice that? >> kimberly: absolutely. they seemed engaged and intent on what she was saying she's smart. she is checking the numbers, looking at the polls. this is normally a strong poll for the democratic party so she is addressing working moms out there, making purchases that are running households, single moms like myself. i think it was a smart move. it was a moment for her in the te bait that worked. >> bob: demographics in the country, the women who are single mothers and have children, the most exposed economically. >> dana: unmarried women, of the baby-boomer age. >> bob: exactly. taking care of their parents. it's interesting, most of the men who wrote about the debate today didn't pick up on this at all. give bachmann credit for recognizing there was an important demographic. >> dana: yes. >> bob: but the winner of the debate last night was barack obama. if you look at the people, you say can you imagine the people --
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>> where in the world is waldo? >> eric: do you think it's smart move? it's compassionate and she weld up, but don't you want your president to show strength? not emotional? wasn't it emotional? >> greg: as a her of seven children, i was touched. i like her but i'm not sure proc creation is not prerequisite. if that's the case, octomom could run. >> bob: she has 26 kids. >> kimberly: 23. >> eric: how is she going to help them? hang in there mom? how are you going to help them? >> bob: how are they going to get jobs? that is a ridiculous question. they all say what they will do because the other guy is not doing it right, i can do it. nobody gives specifics. particularly republicans. >> eric: sorry, dana i'm not insinuating that there is a mortgage mitigation, which she is vehemently against it, and
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government hand-outs. >> dana: that's right. that is an elephant in the room, not making reference to republican politics. >> greg: i dig her outfit. >> dana: last night sarah palin said she thought gingrich won the debate. let's season to what he had to say. >> let me point out that maximizing bickering is probably not the road to the white house. the technique you used maximizes going back and forth over and over again. >> dana: i read last night someone said he was auditioning to be the national ref. you like that? >> bob: no, i think it's, he ought to be a moderator of every debate. get out and be moderator of every debate. gingrich is going no place. santorum had good moments but face it, the rest of the people, ron paul was nonexistent as far as i can tell. huntsman really was there. that will tell you a lot if you see him carrying an empty
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suit. the fact is this is down to two-person race. it's clear that everybody who follows this business cain can't keep it going. >> eric: i want to point something out. newt and a lot of people will agree that newt won several debates. here he is, the federal election commission numbers. he has $300,000 in the bank. won several debates. meanwhile, we have romney and perry with $15 million sitting there waiting. by the way, obama has $61 million. >> dana: greg wants to make a point. >> greg: i have a stupid simile coming. >> bob: uh-oh. ♪ ♪ >> greg: the thing about newt gingrich is he is a great guy, but he is like a seecher on a field trip. he is there just to make sure you don't poke an eye out. people don't get in a fight in the back of the bus. but nobody wants to hang around him and have fun with him. >> kimberly: ahhh. >> eric: that is not a metaphor.
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>> greg: it's a simile. >> bob: i don't know the difference. >> dana: we're learning. former editor in chief. >> greg: i could be wrong. >> dana: i think ron paul -- >> greg: i thought he was great! >> bob: i say non-existent in terms of having a chance to get the nomination. the numbers, keep this in mind about the presidential politics what they don't show you is how much debt they are in. some of them -- there are no report, believe me when i tell you, you hide half of your debt. >> eric: it shows where you are getting it from, too. >> kimberly: like solyndra. >> bob: but i'm saying you play with the numbers all you want. >> eric: this is important about romney no debt. perry, $300,000 of the $15 million. low debt. >> bob: i'm saying that what you do when you get up to the quarter of these things and file it with the sec, every contract you put together you have it dated november 1 or 2. >> kimberly: show more cash on hand. >> bob: of course. all about the cash on hand. that's the way you play the game. the fact is there are two guys that dominate this.
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>> kimberly: we'll respectfully disagree on that. herman cain is still in it. >> bob: you are doing your best to keep herman cain in this. >> dana: don't forget jon huntsman. up next on "the five." this is joe being joe. using the scare tactic to get obama jobs bill pass. we'll play the outrageous comments for you next. ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." it's not unusual for this administration to scare the american people in to supporting their agenda. this comes from joe biden this time. he was in philadelphia pushing the president's jobs plan. when he gave this extreme
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reason to pass the bill. take a listen. >> the 911 calls come in and the police show up in time to prevent the rape. it's not temporary to that woman. it's not temporary for the guy whose store is being held up and the gun is pointed at his head and the cops show up and he is not killed. that is not temporary. or i wish they had some notion of what it's like to be at the end of the gun or a 200-pound man standing over you. folks, it matters. it matters. >> eric: you are right? what is he doing? >> kimberly: how is it okay? it's inappropriate. he's making that comparison. i mean -- democracy he didn't seem like himself. >> kimberly: no, he seemed more out there than normal. i don't know how that is an asset, i don't know, going in re-election but whatever. >> dana: like a tortureed metaphor. >> greg: he made me look
11:27 pm
good. >> dana: the other thing that is strange is crime has gone down on their watch. the recession has gotten worse but crime has gone down. socialists and criminalnologists don't know why that could be. it doesn't even make sense what he is talking about. >> eric: scare tactics. remember the ad pushing the old people over the cliff? this is another form of that. worried that someone is going to fire cops and firemen? >> bob: sure. let me say this. unequivocally, without question, i agree with every word he said. seriously. i will tell you why. wait a second in the jobs men there is money to maintain or hire police. if you don't have enough cops to handle these things something like that could happen. it's not funny. >> eric: does anyone believe that -- >> greg: you can argue that biden made the world more dangerous by telling people that they are going to be less cops out there. >> bob: there will be less
11:28 pm
cops. that is a bottom line fact. >> dana: to point -- >> bob: about the bill. >> eric: it's not a bottom line fact. you can't just say it's a bottom line fact. >> bob: it has bills to hire police and fire responders and teachers. to keep their job. that is a fact. >> eric: insinuation is if you don't pass the bill something will happen. >> bob: that is right. that is right. i tells you what the republicans are willing to do to beat barack obama. willing to do anything. >> dana: when they first introduced the bill he said he was going to introduce a bill to help stimulate and create jobs. they did not say we'll take the taxpayers money to keep police officers and teachers from losing their job. >> bob: sure they did. >> dana: no, they didn't. >> bob: of course they did. >> eric: $4 billion of the $447 billion from the original plan earmarked for cops and fire. 1%.
11:29 pm
1%. >> bob: that is a lot of money. >> kimberly: this is the same thing, tactic they use. they scare you there are not public safety problems, no cops, not teachers no, firemen. just like they did with the obamacare and pushing granny over the cliff. same thing. halloween fright night. >> bob: when i did campaign we'd scare every senior citizen we could. my mother would call and say there are not social security. it'd say go vote democrat. >> dana: scare your own mother. >> it turns out that washington, d.c. now, the wealthiest suburb in america right now. metropolitan area -- >> dana: surrounding area. >> eric: the average federal employee $126,000 all in. the average across america, all in, $50,000. >> bob: what does it have to
11:30 pm
do with what we're talking about? go ahead, dana. >> dana: what is interesting is today on the floor of the senate, u.s. majority leader of the senate harry reid said the public sector is suffering more than the private sector. this is obvious they're sledding all the jobs. now we get this today. not only that the federal government has 170,000 employees, the average salary is $126,000. this is where the anger starts to come in. occupy wall street should take their show on the road. >> bob: talk about leaders, minority leader, mitch mcconnell is so full of stuff i can't believe it. he attacks obama for being on the road with his bus, on his jobs tour in the meantime, he says that he is politicizing the whole jobs issue. he says my only job is defeat barack obama for a second term. >> dana: he didn't say that --
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>> bob: shut his mouth. >> dana: this is something democrats starting to do. >> bob: are you defending mcconnell? >> dana: yes, i am. mitch mcconnell did not say that. >> bob: he did, too. >> dana: he said it in december of 2010 after two years of obama. >> bob: did he say it? >> bob: his job is defeat the -- >> eric: he said the job is defeat the president. >> dana: they said that mcconnell said that at the beginning of president obama's -- >> bob: it was closer. >> dana: it was december of 2010. it looked it up last week. >> bob: i'm not sure of that. >> eric: this bus tour, obama called it official -- >> greg: call pain tour. >> eric: would michelle obama meet him if it was official presidential business in virginia? >> greg: campaign tour. why does everybody drink sweet tea on the road? every politician -- is that code for whiskey? >> bob: every political trip is a split -- every presidential trip is a political trip. >> eric: next block maybe.
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coming up, president obama just doesn't get it. he is now comparing the occupy wall street protests, a couple of blocks away to the tea party. good thing he will out of office soon enough. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: what the hell kind of music that? >> kimberly: romance. >> bob: this is the "d" block and i feel like rosa parks. i'm moving on up. this is good. i always said president obama is a wise, wise man. now i have confirmation. last night he agreed with me on occupy wall street protesters. look at this. >> i understand the
11:38 pm
frustrations that are being expressed in those protests. in some ways, they're not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the tea party. you know both on the left and the right. i think people feel separated from their government. they feel that their institutions aren't looking out for them. >> bob: you're right, his hair has gotten gray. >> kimberly: that's the job. >> bob: we witness when we are finally able to get footage of the tea party protest in the congressional recesss which showed people out of control, shouting people down, pushing them out of the way. exactly right. it's exactly right. you have far right you have tea party and far left, there are aspect of the wall street group that will -- >> eric: that is unfair. >> bob: no, what is unfair is to call everyone down there communists. >> eric: communist, nazi -- >> bob: i called tea party fascists. >> eric: morons -- >> bob: see, that is what i mean. you sit here and give me heat
11:39 pm
because i say things about the tea party but you make an outrageous statement like that. it's like me saying there are nazis on the tea party. >> dana: nazi talk is off-limits for all of us. >> greg: time-out. can i break in and say why obama is right and why he is wrong? he is right in that they are expressing anger of the direction. why he is wrong is that the tea party want less government. ows wants more. >> kimberly: more entitlement. >> greg: he believes in the constitution. the organize of the vote, they want to change things. they don't like the system. they want to dismantle it. they are organized by ad busters. the tea party, they don't rob each other at night. ows does. these are all things. the worst part, i got to say, the media is acting as a p.r. team for occupy wall street. this is the same thing they did for obama when he was running for president. they are doing it now. >> kimberly: they didn't do it for tea party. >> greg: they did not do it for tea party. >> bob: are you kidding me? they made the tea party.
11:40 pm
>> kimberly: what are you talking about? >> bob: first on your show all you did was run about the tea party if i remember right. >> eric: i happen to sign on smaller government. >> bob: i see. >> eric: do you realize a democratic pollster, done shoen runs around the building once in a while and polled the guys. 85% have jobs. 49-51% thought that the right way to do bail-outs were necessary. bank bail-outs were necessary. you hear the yo-yos going down with capitalism, too big to fail sucks. but they don't know what they're fighting for. >> bob: they are against tarp. tea party is against tarp. they are against the fed. tea party is against the fed. i'm not sure we are talking about distinctly different things here. if you agree with me from here on out and stop calling them communists you will get me back in my position of the tea party when i've tried to be good about it. >> eric: last word, promise to shut my mouth the rest of the block. 52% of the movement for 98% support civil disobedience.
11:41 pm
this one, a third of thoseio-ios think that using -- yo-yos think it's okay to use violence. >> bob: 100% of people should support civil disobedience. that's what the constitution is about. >> kimberly: they couldn't be more different. >> bob: howard stern -- said to get to howard stern, one of the great bums of all time. why we are wasting a breath with this son of a witch i don't know. >> greg: why don't you like him? >> bob: i don't know. maybe -- never mind. >> greg: something happened. >> bob: no. may have been something he sent people down there and they do what you do. pick out one or two examples and say this resembles everybody down here, which is ridiculous. listen to what howie and the puncs found out at wall street. >> think it makes more sense to get a job or waste your time sitting around here?
11:42 pm
>> [bleep] i'd rather make my own money. >> bob: howard, cut your damn hair and stop talking about dirty, sleazy hippies, man. >> kimberly: he is ranting over here. >> greg: here is what i think. the more people see what is going on down there, the more disturbed they are. the inverse of what happened with the tea party, the more you saw you realize they're peaceful. >> bob: negative and positive. >> greg: a big thing went on. allege of a rape, i believe the ohio. nobody knows if it's happened or not. but the way the media is treating it is very strange. the first big question is how will this ability the movement? not where is the rapist? the first question is how do you solve the crime? >> bob: the first question is are you going to allow
11:43 pm
people like you and eric here to take that and assume to make a broad statement they're a bunch of rapists. >> greg: i didn't even say the rain happened. >> bob: all right. the mere mention of it. we don't know if anything happened. >> kimberly: he is talking about the focus, how the focus is the movement instead of focusing on the victim. >> bob: i didn't focus on the guy with the gun and tea party down there when obama was giving a speech. >> dana: remember when the police went in and arrested people for blocking the bridge? now we have a serious allegation. when a woman says she was raped, let's take her seriously. >> bob: investigate it. that makes sense but not draw a conclusion this is somehow a bad -- >> dana: i don't think anyone did that. >> greg: talking about the media treatment. >> kimberly: the angle of the story. >> eric: the tea party that this happened and you know darn well mainstream media would have the tea party -- they have them at racists and they'd have them as rapists, too. >> bob: they fell in the tanks when they refuse to make a big deal with the guy with the guns in the tea party when
11:44 pm
alabama was in arizona. they covered that up. >> greg: did abc cover that up? making sure they didn't know what the -- >> bob: why is dig -- [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: you glamourize the whole thing with occupy wall street and acting like the people are pure in their motives and unified in what they are trying to do. they can't decide to have sleeping bags or not. half of them say they want to turn it to socialist, communist party. >> bob: that woman on howie stern said we don't want it to be like russia. coming up, feather in obama's cap and segment i can't get on the board with. the rest can. "the five" will be right back. # ♪ ♪ ú(h cúcqhpbcdúg
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." well, bob just can't stop grinning. from the next story, because it turns out president obama is tough on immigration. his administration deported
11:49 pm
400,000 undocumented immigrants in the last fiscal year alone. this, by the way, is a new yearly record. bob, we've got the story for you. you love it? >> bob: i'm so stunned that this story got on the air here with "the five." >> kimberly: it has happened. >> greg: why do you hate -- >> bob: by the way, if you wonder why i dump on republicans a lot, let me tell you a quick story. the r.n. i never voted for republican and never can. i was a 13-year-old kid my father took me to voting booth and said see that democratic lever, all good things will happen to you. women, money, jobs. if you pull the republican you will die! >> greg: you left out the part that people paying for the women, money, cars, are republicans. >> bob: yeah. [ laughter ] but i will say this, this is a mixed bag for obama. there are people on the left who don't like this idea. i won't take anything away -- i know dana will talk about this. it's true but i think the fact
11:50 pm
is he has been dumped on so much when he has shown more commitment to getting illegal -- particularly those who have broken the law out of this country. he deserves a lot of credit for it. i'm surer rick will figure out a way to say that's not true. go ahead. >> eric: want me to go? >> bob: i would like dana to go about the politics of this. >> dana: okay, but i had a point of the substance. do the substance quick. removal and deportation are two different things technically under the law. also you might be detaining them in a jail, that is where some of the people have gone. work site enforcement is way down. on the politics, i do think it is a mixed bag no one on the right is going to give president obama credit or vote for him based on immigration policies. people on the left say really? you are going to tell us that you have done the most deportation of any president? >> kimberly: with the hispanic vote. >> bob: that is smart. i agree with that. politics don't work well. i'm just making the point -- >> dana: i think the
11:51 pm
republican message on immigration has been atrocious as well. >> bob: worse than atrocious. driven hispanics out of the column they should be in. >> eric: what is really atrocious is the whole what is going on with the obama administration saying by the way, deported 400,000. dana points throughout are 300,000 that are sitting in jail. >> dana: detention centers. >> eric: detention centers or documented somewhere. and now, obama is pushing for amnesty for 300,000 illegals. broken the law, they need to go back. >> bob: nah, nah, nah, nah. >> greg: can i point out in bush's last year he deported 30,000 less than president obama. >> kimberly: undocumented immigrants. >> greg: but we knew more about that. you don't hear ed asner or sean penn saying that obama breaks up families and hates hispanics. you don't even hear crickets. you hear dead crickets. >> bob: it's a way not to break up families. people that are deported, cut
11:52 pm
it any way they want, they're detained on the way back home with people who generally have criminal records and not people with kids. by the way, the kids who got -- >> dana: they're not given their due process. >> bob: well -- >> kimberly: he had a dream act that pailed to pass. he is trying to kill -- >> bob: it shouldn't have failed to pass. >> kimberly: garner hispanic hope. >> eric: this is the obama backdoor to get half a million more votes. >> bob: you go rip a kid out of high school that has been there his whole school system and send them home. >> eric: is anyone alarmed by the number here? 55% of those deported had felony or misdemeanors in addition to being here illegally. >> bob: that helps obama. but you are wanting to deport the people with the dream act. some of the kids have been in school from kindergarten when they came in here illegally and graduate, some of them go to military and some go to college. you want to rip the kids out of here and send them back to the home country? is that what you want to do? >> eric: this is what the left does. find the most difficult
11:53 pm
situation. if they are here illegally, they have to go. listen -- >> kimberly: lawful pass to citizenship. >> eric: letter of the law. >> bob: the sucking sound you hear is the hispanic votes that you republicans are losing. >> dana: one thing that i thought was a good move that president bush changed if you agree to serve in the military you could become naturalized. that wasn't because you were illegals. but if you were in a green card situation and wanted citizenship and want to serve in iraq or afghanistan or foreign military you were able to get -- >> bob: there were a number of people in the mill their that did it illegally. >> kimberly: sanctuary city, thought on that? >> dana: that is where the cops are not allowed to ask for your immigration status. i think it's unfortunate for the cos, they are supposed to police a community and know everything they can about the community. now you can't know really important piece of a puzzle you might be putting together to deal with crime. >> greg: this fulfills my opposite law. if you want to run a successful city, you look at washington, d.c., and you do
11:54 pm
the opposite. >> kimberly: right. out of a secure community. >> bob: you guys live in new york city, so you are saying that d.c. is insecure place to be? are you kidding me? >> eric: it's all a sanction ware city. >> bob: there is nothing wrong with it. >> kimberly: a lot wrong with it. they're trying to -- >> bob: if it's county, the city decides to do it, it's their right. >> kimberly: i'm not even for it. this is a -- sanctuary cities encourage people that are trying to have people here illegally, and are participating in it that hurts everyone else overall. they should have a lawful path to citizenship. >> bob: this is an important discussion and glad we had it. it was more important than howard stern and more important than this. as the world series kicks off -- sorry. >> kimberly: oh! party hog. more on "the five" next. see that. five words. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> greg: welcome back. "the five." story that really boils
11:59 pm
bolling's blood, i just used that for alliteration. tonight is game one of the world series, which is baseball, i believe. four democratic senators with health officials are calling on the unions, the player unions to ban chewing tobacco and dip at games. eric, you are an old baseball hand. >> eric: i spent a lot of hours dipping and chewing. let me tell you something, big stuff. more importantly, governor perry and governor nixon the governors of the state competing for the world series, if texas wins governor perry makes the st. louis -- missouri governor nixon eat world class texas barbecue from th.if st. louis wins perryo have toasted ravioli. >> greg: six pack of bud. >> bob: can you imagine? toasty ravioli. dips michelle obama won't approve. i had a point about this. >> kimberly: say something about this.


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